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serial No of reagent

I have some Serial o code of reagent. I need some another serial No of reagent(lyse and Diluent reagent). please give me if anybody have them. tks

Price quotes

May I send you a listing for parts that I need price quotes for?

leica cm 1850 temp problem

my unit was working fine ..maintaining -23 C but then it stopped cooling more than -12 C. I REFILLED THE GAS BUT NO CHANGE. SAME PROBLEM. I REPLABCED THE COMPRESSOR WITH NEW ONE .STILL IT IS AT -12 C..   CAN ANYONE HELP ME ..HOW TO...

Draeger Phototheraphy 4000 Blue light and white light

Can I be able to purchase said bulbs? I am a trader in Cagayan de oro City, Philippines. Pls reply thru my email add:

ICU error 314

I have a CCT giving this error, is there a fix to this issue besides replacing the system board? I contacted Zoll and they instructed to try to clear the error and perform a self test (which i did both), no fix, so they informed me that...

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