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How fix 3669:rack ID Barcode error (1.1) (Au 480 Beckman Coulter)

The rack is good. Barcode is good. But not able to start the run of samples in stat mode or sequence mode. Suggestions?

Service manual

Looking for a service manual for a sakura tissue-tek cryo3 device. does anyone have one available? the issue is the display temp is reading -14C, the set temp is -20C and the actual chamber temp is -35.7C.  I think the temp probe needs to...

sieve bed repours and homefill repair parts

I run a home medical equipment repair company. I'm looking for some inside info on 2 things. 1. Sieve bed repouring,equipment needed,training needed and where to get it. 2.Where can parts be bought to repair a homefill unit? invacare doesnt...

PPG clips

I am looking to order some PPG clips for our vasoguard. Having a hard time finding them. Any luck anywhere?   Thanks

ohmeda modulus cd software problem

I have lost the the floppy disk that has the software please i am really in abig problem they could arrest me if i can not fix it. Ohmeda now useless Ohmeda modulus cd .Eng.mahmoudemam22@yahoo.comPlease help me i just need the software at the floppy...

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This recall was updated on January 8, 2015....

This recall was updated on January 8, 2015....

A recall has been issued for Heart Sync, Multi-function Defibrillation Electrodes because they will not work with Philips FR3 and FRx AEDs. Philips made changes to the connector design of their FR3 and FRx AEDs, and because of these changes, the...

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