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"checking line" error

When I begin a basic infusion, the pump has "checking line" on screen. After two attempts of reinserting the line, it completes the infusion. Is there a way to test this intermittent issue? Any advice?

calibration's for different isotopes

have a Forte, that during a study with Thallium, with 32 acquisition points at about frame 16 on the reconstrycted images, the image brightness drops about half. I cant find a cal menu for the different isotopes only for Tech99.  i am thinking...

Beeps and goes to blank screen when trying to access installation menu

Hello, I have a Datascope Spectrum OR that defaulted back to German and would not hold the date/time. I tried to change it back to English by holding the freeze button while booting but it just repeatedly beeped at me and gave me a blank screen...

BioMedical Engineer

I am looking to hire a BioMedical Engineer to count shots on Palomar 300. I am located in Arizona. Thank you,  CGonzales

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Image: Class 1 Recall: FUJIFILM Medical Systems, U.S.A., Inc. removes certain older duodenoscope models from clinical use: FDA Safety Communication

Fuji informed the Agency of its plans to remove legacy 250/450 duodenoscope models from clinical use based on the limited number currently in use....

Image: Class 1 Recall: Bayer Recalls Medrad Intego PET Infusion System Source Administration Sets due to Particulates Generated in Vial

Bayer has determined all Source Administration Sets used with the Medrad Intego PET Infusion System may produce a particulate matter in the medicine vials....

Image: Class 1 Recall: Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Identified in St. Jude Medical's Implantable Cardiac Devices and Merlin@home Transmitter: FDA Safety Communication

Many medical devices—including St. Jude Medical's implantable cardiac devices—contain configurable embedded computer systems that can be vulnerable to cybersecurity intrusions and exploits....

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