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Corometrics 120 series Operators Manual

Corometrics 120 series Fetal monitor Operators Manual. I cant find one anywhere! Can anybody help please?

Maintenance Manual

I am looking for a down loadable maintenance manual for Go Bed 2 Fl28-C. All I can find are Fl28-EX. Can anyone please help?

Inspection/Pm Procedure

Does anyone have a PM procedure or Inspection/Calibration procedure for the Stryker Go Bed 2. Service Manual? Please advise, Thanks.


MRW510 Serial # KR12166902 Airis II How old is this equipment? Is it still legal to use?  

Question for Hospital Biomeds

I have a question for the In-House Biomeds.How many of you go in to the hospital the night of daylight savings time and change the time on all of the non-networked equipment?Or do you wait for the next working day.

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Hospira received customer reports of broken door assemblies on the Abbott Acclaim infusion pumps and the Hospira Acclaim Encore infusion pumps....

CareFusion is recalling the Alaris Pump model 8100, version 9.1.18, because it may have a software failure where the pump module will not properly delay an infusion when the "Delay Until" option or "Multidose" feature is used....

The firm received 106 reports of device malfunctions. There were zero injuries and one death....

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