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Datascope Expert - Main Module Rom Err!

Dear, Would like to know if some one of you have deal with this problem. We got a Rom Err! message from the module. Please give me some advice to solve this problem on the module. Best Regards...

Charging Battery

OK, Jim PSS, then where can I go to find out?

HP 200 patient cable

does anyone have apatient cable for the old pagewriter 200, with the banana jacks or snaps? I have repaired tis old unit, got everything runing on it at the end of this medical misssion here in Mexico only to find out that the patient cable is...

need paper

trouble locating paper for this machine


when the unit is turned on the led comes on but it is dim and it is just blacked out squares. What is the problem and can I get the parts needed to fix this?

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Hospira received customer reports of broken door assemblies on the Abbott Acclaim infusion pumps and the Hospira Acclaim Encore infusion pumps....

CareFusion is recalling the Alaris Pump model 8100, version 9.1.18, because it may have a software failure where the pump module will not properly delay an infusion when the "Delay Until" option or "Multidose" feature is used....

The firm received 106 reports of device malfunctions. There were zero injuries and one death....

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