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Where to find a good biomed

Our local office in South Florida is looking for a biomed with some bed experience. The schools down here just skip over mechanics and hydraulics focusing on the smaller aspects of being a biomed, so looking for a new grad is out for now. Any of...

Error 606

Hello, I have an IE33 A cart SW level that over the past 6 weeks gives me an error 606 the first time reseating RAM on the SIP seemed to clear it up. Four weeks later it happened again and reseating took care of it again for one week...


can this eliminate any speculation and determine what was administered into a horse?

Control Panel Articulation Adjustment

Our unit seems to not want to stay in adjustment. The "brake" that's supposed to hold the vertical position doesn't work well at all. The service manual says to adjust at both the trigger release tension AND the articulation...

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The oxygen and air wall inlet fittings on the back panel of the resuscitation systems were reversed during assembly....

There is a potentially defective component on the Trilogy Ventilator power management board which could affect the function of the device....

Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc. FreeStyle and FreeStyle Flash Blood Glucose Meters including the FreeStyle Blood Glucose Meter built into the OmniPod Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) - Erroneously Low Blood Glucose Results...

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