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sensors of the carousel cover

i have an imola /randox in my work and i need to pass the sensor of the carousel cover to be open during the analysis... to add sample or to take a sample after pipeting finished. How i can pass the sensors and thanks?

Spare Parts Supplier

Hi dear engineers/technicians, we are looking for some reliable company/supplier/agent who have/can supply us bio medical spar parts for Ultrasounds, C-arms, Angeography, and like wise others, if you know some one who have/or can arrange bio medical...

Does not show ECG on screen

SD card is inserted, having a new battery The LED of Bluetooth blinks or ON, I removed and inserted the Bluetooth USB and closed application restarted the process but but it doesn't Refresh. It gives 4 beeps. When I refresh it and wait for ECG...

Error 4094

On a Modulus CD I'm getting error 4094 and the screen does not show anything else. It is related to an erased memory due to a battery discharge, so I will need the system disks. Is there anyone who has the disks? Thanks

ohmeda modulus cd software problem

I have lost the the floppy disk that has the software please i am really in abig problem they could arrest me if i can not fix it. Ohmeda now useless Ohmeda modulus cd .Eng.mahmoudemam22@yahoo.comPlease help me i just need the software at the floppy...

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Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator Systems with software versions below 2.8 may have a software problem that causes the ventilator to stop working after the air and oxygen gas supply lines are disconnected and then reconnected....

The 3rd Generation Power Supplies are installed in Esprit V1000 and V200 Ventilators and are also sold as 3rd Generation Power Supply Repair Kits....

Hospira received customer reports of broken door assemblies on the Abbott Acclaim infusion pumps and the Hospira Acclaim Encore infusion pumps....

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