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Bennett CM 425

Does anyone have a service manual for a bennett cm 425 x-ray machine. Email me please at Thanks

Can I improve the image quality with G50?

Hi, I would like to ask you some questions...I recently purchased a Siemens g50 used with convex 5.0C50 and L10-5 but are not very satisfied with the quality of the images.I would like to know how you can increase the quality of the images:1...

High cost of PM's and accessories

Is there anyone other than Dornier MedTech who is qualified to perform preventative maintenance on their equipment? Thank you.Kevin


I have problem in mindray DP-8500 there is no ultrasound image, it is booting normaly.

User manual for Hitachi EUB-6500

Please HELP! I need a user manual for Hitachi EUB-6500 ultrasound system!

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This recall was updated on January 8, 2015....

A recall has been issued for Heart Sync, Multi-function Defibrillation Electrodes because they will not work with Philips FR3 and FRx AEDs. Philips made changes to the connector design of their FR3 and FRx AEDs, and because of these changes, the...

Philips made changes to the connector design of their FR3 and FRx AEDs. Because of these changes, the CONMED electrodes will no longer work with these AEDs....

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