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Low Water Level

Cannot get Sonic to run, keep aborting due to Low Water Level.  Is there anything I can do to trouble shoot this.  Been replacing parts for about a month now.  Cannot get it up and going.


Hi,I am problem wit a GE Optima Mobile X-ray. It coming with the error message BDM Mismatch. It display "Press Restore button to download from BDM or Cancel button to overwrite BMD". which I did but did not fix the problem. therefore please advice...

Machine Losing Time

Our Burdick 8300 is losing time even when plugged in.  How can this be resolved?

inquiry parts for Infinix VC-i

Hello, Can i get invoice for below parts: Set the central control processor CLX-51523*B2-1pcs Black-and-whitemonitor for viewing medical images BSX21-0354*A4- 4pcs   BR Dmitry Melnikov  


Can anyone help or  tell me what has happened to our Esaote P80 we normally run this  on a 10 lead ..but it now comes up with INOP and the printout is  "cannot analyze 12 lead ECG  (measurments might be questionable...

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This recall was updated on January 8, 2015....

This recall was updated on January 8, 2015....

A recall has been issued for Heart Sync, Multi-function Defibrillation Electrodes because they will not work with Philips FR3 and FRx AEDs. Philips made changes to the connector design of their FR3 and FRx AEDs, and because of these changes, the...

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