St. Charles, Mo. — October 18, 2016 — Testing with your ESU-2400 Analyzer has gotten even easier! The ESU-2400 Electrosurgical Unit Analyzers has a new software update, which renews compatibility with the new Covidien ForceTriad™ Software Update 3.8. The new ForceTriad™ Software 3.8 adds compatibility with more accessories. The ForceTriad™ can now automatically detect a wider range of accessories that are plugged into the generator. 


When using the ESU-2400, the analyzer reads the software version of the ForceTriad™ and automatically loads the correct autosequence. All users are required to do is press “Start Triad PM” and the analyzer determines the correct software version. 


Download software updates HERE.


An update for the ESU-2400H will be available soon. 


Automated autosequences are also available for the CONMED System 2450 and System 5000 Generators using the ESU-2400 Series and CONMED Automation Kit


The CONMED Automation Kit (part number BC20-00133) contains the CONMED Footswitch Cable and CONMED Communications Cable for use with ESU-2400 Series. Using this kit allows users to perform automated testing using the ESU-2400 Series Autosequence function. The CONMED Automation Kit allows the ESU-2400 to remotely configure CONMED System 2450 and System 5000 Electrosurgical Generators and trigger the generator output without user intervention. 




The CONMED Automation Kit is required for the ESU-2400 Series fully automated CONMED PM Autosequence. There is also a manually triggered autosequence for the ConMed System 2450 and 5000 using the ESU-2400 Series and Monopolar Handpiece Simulator. The CONMED Automation Kit requires an ESU-2400 running Software v1.0.4.0 or later or an ESU-2400H running Software v1.1.6.0 or later. Also available to download is the new autosequence for the Valleylab FT10™ Generator. The autosequence is user triggered and requires the Footswitch Port Adapter (BC20-03050)


Download your free autosequences HERE


More information about autosequences and software updates for your ESU Analyzers can be found on the ESU-2400 and ESU-2400H product pages. View downloads and software under More Details. 



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