BC Group International has released a new video demonstrating the NEW Covidien Valleylab FT10™ PM Procedure using the ESU-2400 Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer. This video covers the test and performance verifications detailed in the June 2016 release of the Covidien Valleylab FT10™ Service Manual. The PM Procedure divides each test into steps, with detailed instructions for each step.


View the video here.


To perform the Covidien Valleylab FT10™ PM Procedure, users will need the Monopolar Footswitch, Bipolar Footswitch, LigaSure/Bipolar Footswitch, Standard Two-button Electrosurgical Pencil, ForceTriVerse Electrosurgical Pencil, ESU-2400 Standard Accessory Kit, UFP Port Adapter, Safety Analyzer and Ground Bond Tester.



If you would like more information about the Covidien Valleylab FT10 PM Procedure or the ESU-2400, please contact us by phone at 1 (800) 242-8428 or through email at sales@bcgroupintl.com. You can also view our complete line of BC Biomedical products and pricing online at www.BCGroupStore.com