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Beckman Coulter UniCel DxC 600 Synchron
Beckman Coulter UniCel DxC 600 Synchron

UniCel DxC systems are built to deliver maximum productivity for your laboratory. The systems have the capacity to help your lab thrive in today's environment. Plus, designed to minimize workflow interruptions and maximize user-friendliness, the UniCel DxC systems deliver a faster, reliable turnaround time.
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Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22
Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22

The compact Allegra X-22 Series is up to 10 inches/ 25 cm thinner than other benchtop centrifuges. With a library of 11 rotors, the Allegra X-22 Series is the space-saving multipurpose solution for your requirements.
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Midmark Ritter M9
Midmark Ritter M9

The M9 autoclave could not be easier and is time tested for reliability. You simply load it, set it, and forget it. Select your cycle and the time is set for you. Press Start and the M9 fills with the correct amount of water.
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Leica Biosystems CM1860 Cryostat

Found In: Cryostat

Leica CM1860 Cryostat for Standard Applications in the Clinical Histopathology Laboratory

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. TANGO optimo

Found In: Blood Culture Analyzer

TANGO™ optimo system is a fully automated blood bank analyser that will automate all routine testing procedures including the following: Blood

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Centrifuges

Found In: Centrifuge

Mini Centrifuge        This compact centrifuge allows for quick sample spin-downs and pelleting and can accommodate microtubes or PCR

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. S3e Cell Sorter

Found In: Cytometer, Flow

The S3e Cell Sorter is the first truly walk-away automated cell sorter. Real-time monitoring and smart features make cell sorting easier and

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. ZE5 Cell Analyzer

Found In: Cytometer, Flow

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is an innovative new flow cytometer with flexible configurations to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and

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Centrifuge turned off and won't turn back on and rotor stuck

During my last spin of the day (10th, 30 min spin) the centriduge started smelling like rubber (most likely the brushes) but when it slowed down the...

Need user manual

Pls, anyone do you have it? Thanks!

CryoSafe CG-1 service manual

I am in need of a service manual for a CryoSafe CG-1 cryogenic storage tank.  I am having issues with the temp probe reading the tank...

Lovelle Rempel

Moving Average . how to use it? Also as Beckman is having problem with body fluid QC and we have to calculate our SD , can you tell me how to format...

Is this a point of care device requiring Lab oversite

Is this a point of care device? Is this a waived test?

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In today’s edition of the MedWrench blog, I would like to talk about hematology and centrifuges. This blog will aim to define hematology as well as provide some general preventative maintenance tips. See below for an in depth look at hematology and

In today’s blog, we are going to go over Lab Manager’s “Top 7 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Centrifuge.” Like any piece of equipment, a centrifuge requires regular servicing in order to maintain a fully functional machine.

There are a few pertinent guidelines for operating a centrifuge, even a small one. Following these guidelines can help to prevent damage to the centrifuge as well as possible serious injury to you and others.

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