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ConMed Linvatec 10K

Found In: Fluid Management Systems

10K® FLUID SYSTEM - The Simplest High-Performance Pump in Arthroscopy.

ERBE Erbotom ICC 200

Found In: Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)

The Electrosurgical Workstation for Flexible Endoscopy.

ERBE Erbotom ICC 350

Found In: Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)

One of the most recognized and widely used generators worldwide.

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3085SD Hand Control Flashing Low Battery LED

We have a 3085SD battery-powered operating table. During PM activities, with control ON, the low battery LED flashes red repeatedly even after the...

Trim Knob Volume

Does anyone know if the trim knob volume can be adjusted? According to the staff, when they select a setting by depressing the trim knob, the...

Dr. C

My Force 1B unit which I have had for years suddenly became nonfunctional with failure of the REM light to go off despite adequate connections. ...

the source cant give light control

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In today’s blog we are going to take a break down quantitative tests for autotransfusion units. In addition to the quantitative tests, we will share a few preventative maintenance tips for the system as well.

Today’s surgical tables are more innovative and versatile than ever before. Here are a few daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly procedures to keep in mind during your scheduled PM for surgical tables.

It is advised to following any specific procedures or schedules laid forth by the manufacturer, but here is a list of a few qualitative test that should be included.


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