Dräger Alarm Management Solutions

The Dräger Alarm Management Solution can help you meet the NPSG, support patient safety, and increase staff efficiency.

GE Healthcare Alarm Management

Alarm Management from GE Healthcare supports improved workflow and reduced fatigue via algorithm excellence, tailored settings and data analytics.

GE Healthcare Ascom Secondary Alarm Notification Solution

Patient monitoring secondary alarm notification messaging and waveform snapshots on your smart devices

GE UTC Fire & Security PIV Transition Reader Series

GE Transition™ Series multi-technology access readers now includes a full line of PIV-compliant readers.

GE UTC Fire & Security Desktop Credential Readers

Desktop Credential Readers GE Proximity and Vicinity/MIFARE® Desktop Credential Readers

GE UTC Fire & Security Facility Commander Wnx

Facility Commander® Wnx offers powerful, easy-to-use, IT friendly, integrated security management under the familiar Microsoft Windows® operation.

GE UTC Fire & Security DirecDoor

DirecDoor DirecDoor PoE Enabled Door Controller The DirecDoor controller from GE Security is the industry’s only 2-reader and 2-door Power over

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Facility Commander Wnx third party software intigration

Can a stadalone door access control system be intigrated into Facility Comander Wnx ?


I have a HID reader connected to a WIC-4 which is connected to a 8RP port. The reader grants access and the door unlocks, can also use manule...

Date problem for credential expiry

While setting a credential expiry date, i have to set the date by incresing one day more. example: Today is 03/19/2012 Im setting the...


With Whom (Name, Email and Phone) could I contact in order to get an API for a building automation Systems?

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