Kuraray Medical KPS-8800Ce

Plasmapheresis can be applied to the patients who are resistant to certain kinds of medicines, like steroids.

Haemonetics Cymbal

The Cymbal system is automated red cell collection technology that allows blood collectors to collect two units of red cells from a single donor.

Haemonetics MCS+ LN 8150

Blood collection centers throughout the world are facing difficult times as they strive to improve the safety of the blood supply.

Haemonetics PCS2

The PCS2 system is Haemonetics latest technology for the collection of plasma and flexible protocols allow for the collection of "jumbo"

CaridianBCT COBE Spectra

The COBE Spectra Apheresis System is versatile, giving you procedural control to manage the specific needs of each patient.

CaridianBCT Spectra Optia

The Spectra Optia system is based on trusted COBE Spectra technology as well as the proven Trima platform.

CaridianBCT Trima Accel Automated Blood

The automated collections possible with the Trima Accel Collection System means you pick and choose what to collect from an individual donor.

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B/p cuff inflated less than donors diastolic?

Our SOP states that when inflating the b/p cuff for the purpose of palpating the VP site to find the vein, the cuff can be inflated up to donor...

Adverse donor reactions

Please advise what are the potential adverse donor reactions from tube clamping and flow restrictions?

fault 0040

hi. we have the haemonetics pcs2 device in our hospital. it passes the tests. but at the beginning of the filling process stops and shows this...

MCS + 8150

Does anyone have the 8150 service manual they could post.  Haemonetics will not sell or provide item out of stock.   Thanks in advance!

return pressure sensor

Hello, I 50mmhg pressure marks the return sensor when zero. Is it necessary to calibrate or damaged?  Thanks JOSE Mª PRIETO

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