Philips SmartMonitor 2

Suitable for home or hospital applications, SmartMonitor 2 is portable and easy to use.

Getemed VITAGUARD VG 2100

The VitaGuard® monitors are intuitive to operate and, at the same time, provide a wide range of functionality.

Philips SmartMonitor 2 PS Light

SmartMonitor 2 Professional Series Light (PSL) is the latest addition to Children’s Medical Ventures’ SmartMonitor family of products.

Philips SmartMonitor 2 PS

The SmartMonitor 2 PS provides health care professionals with detailed information about a patient's heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation.

CAS Medical Ami Plus

Small, lightweight, easy to use and offers leading-edge technology.

CAS Medical 511

The 511 provides portable monitoring of heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation.

CAS Medical AMI Plus

Ami Plus is an infant monitor for home use. It is small lightweight, easy to use, offers leading edge technology and has a history of performance.

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Questions and Answers

Questions for Apnea Monitor

error codes

I have two of these monitors that show error code 1A00 on turn on. I have no manual or information on this device. Any help would be appreciated.

does not retain date/time

It is actually a SmartRecorder. Does not retain date/time at power off. Replaced RTC. Anyone have a service manual? Know of anyone who could repair...

english manual

  does it have an english language user manual?   we have one VG2100 donated to us however it comes with a german manual.....

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