Natus Algo 5

ALGO® 5 Newborn Hearing Screener

Maico MA39

The MA39 is Maico®'s most robust audiometer. The standard soft-sided carrying case gives you lightweight, easy portability at 9.9 lbs. It is quiet,

Ambco 1000+

The industry's newest and only pure tone audiometer

Welch Allyn OAE Hearing Screener Set

Detect hearing loss, prevent language disabilities, and improve patient outcomes.

Interacoustics AD229b Audiometer

The AD229b is well suited for any stationary or portable application where diagnostic testing of air, bone and speech is performed.

Interacoustics AC33 Audiometer

The AC33 is a classic, high performance clinical audiometer designed for use in diagnostic clinics, hospitals and practices

Interacoustics AS608 Portable Audiometer

The modern and inexpensive AS608 is a stylish, robust audiometer that's super flexible and portable; ideal for schools, medical centres and industry.

Interacoustics Equinox 2.0 Audiometer

Equinox2.0 is a state of the art two channel clinical audiometer controlled from an external computer.

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I need a new power supply for this audiometer it is unregulated EPS512  email if you have one

I require maintenance and calibration

Regards. I want to know if they have agents in Colombia , I require maintenance and calibration of an audiometer AC 33? Thank you  ...

Grason-Stadler GSI 60 DPOAE Application Software

HI Anyone have the software GSI 60 DPOAE for the Grason-Stadler GSI 60? I have this software in two floppy disks but one of them is corrupted...

Hard to obtain headphone and 2conductor cord

I am located in suriname,south america and maintain a audio-video service center.Our local family dr needs badly a headphone pn 23222 and a...


Looking for replacement parts for AM232. I am looking for a replacement plug model # 8000-0240

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