HemoCue Glucose 201

The HemoCue Glucose 201 System combines the precision and accuracy of a laboratory measurement with a quick turn around time and ease-of-use.

Roche ACCU-CHEK Advantage

The ACCU-CHEK Advantage uses unique ACCU-CHEK Comfort Curve diabetes test strip and least-painful lancing technology.

77 Elektronika SensoCard Plus

SensoCard Plus Blood/Glucose Meter for the visually impaired.

77 Elektronika SensoLite Nova Plus

SensoLite Nova Plus Blood Glucose Monitor for the Visually Impaired

Abbott FreeStyle Lite

FreeStyle Light has been designed to make busy lives easier. With the world's smallest blood sample size1, this meter allows for virtually pain free!

Abbott Optium Xceed

The Optium Xceed is an important blood monitoring tool that can help you better manage your diabetes.

Abbott Optium Omega

Optium Omega is a simple blood glucose monitoring system with a large, easy to read screen and a simple two button function.

Abbott FreeStyle Papillon Mini

The FreeStyle Papillon™ mini is the smallest featured blood glucose meter in Australia.

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Questions for Blood Glucose Monitor

do not take measurement

When i set the strip into the apparatus, it lights up and asks for the blood droplet. But when i apply the droplet, a rectangle flashes at the top of...


I want to purchase one for medical research

Login Reset & Going into Service mode

How can I reset login details, and how can I go in to service mode?

Login Reset & Going into Service mode

How can I reset login information, and also how can I go into service mode?

Date Change

How can the date be changed on the Stat Strip Xpress monitor?  We just realized that the date is a day behind.  Possibly due to leap...

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