Pronk Technologies SC5 OxSlimKIT
Pronk Technologies SC5 OxSlimKIT

The Complete Portable Vital Signs Simulation System from Pronk includes everything you need to simulate on any monitor in the hospital in a small carrying case operating on either battery or AC power.
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CAS Medical 740

CASMED 740 Vital Sign monitor offers leading edge technology in a rugged, portable, lightweight unit which allows for monitoring of MAXNiBP blood

GE Healthcare Critikon Dinamap 8100

The Critikon Dinamap 8100 Adult/pediatric non-invasive blood pressure monitor measures systolic, mean, and diastolic pressures at preset levels, as

Datascope Accutorr Plus

Also found In: , Telemetry-Central Station , Vital Signs/Multi-Parameter

The Accutorr Plus is an easy to use, non-invasive blood pressure monitor

Quinton Q 412

Quinton Q-42 Blood Pressure Monitor

Invivo Omega Series Model 1445

Invivo Omega Series Model 1445 Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitor

SunTech Medical Tango+

An Automated Blood Pressure Monitor for Stress & Exercise Testing

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Questions for Blood Pressure Monitor

not charging

hi , my datascope is not charging ,i checked the charging circuit it was ok ,but when i put a new battery its not charging ??

Datascope acctuorr puls

My datascopeaccutorr puls ,is doing the initial test and count until reaches zero ,then it stoped and not working , what i should do ?!

Save my Batteries

Hi .. What is the perfect way to save my battery ,it should be pluged in AC power the whole time , or this will effect the life time of the battery?!

snaps for internal part

please share exact assembly of small conduit for  inflation and exhaust pruposes Inflation: Automatic      ...

seting time

can anyone tell me how to set the time on this unit.thanks

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