Masimo ISA OR+

Found In: Exhaled Gas

ISATM OR+ Multigas Monitoring Supporting Anesthetic Agent and Ventilation Management

Masimo EMMA Capnograph

Found In: Exhaled Gas

Real-time Capnography at Your Fingertips

Nihon Kohden Cap-ONE CO2 Sensor

Found In: Exhaled Gas

Cap-ONE, the world’s first mainstream CO2 sensor specifically designed for non-intubated or intubated patients.

Nihon Kohden Cap-STAT OLG-2800

Found In: Exhaled Gas

Mainstream CO2 Monitoring for Intubated and Non-intubated Patients

Spacelabs 91517 CO2 Module

Found In: Exhaled Gas , Modules

The 91517 Capnography module uses both main and side stream gas to analyze and measure the carbon dioxide in the gas mixture. This determine

CareFusion Smoke check

Found In: Exhaled Gas

Smoke Check measures and clearly displays the level of exhaled Carbon Monoxide on the patient's breath. Suitable for use in all settings where

CareFusion MicroCO

Found In: Exhaled Gas

The MicroCO offers clear levels of exhaled carbon monoxide on the breath. Suitable for use in settings where exhaled carbon monoxide needs to be

Hersill KAV 1

Found In: Exhaled Gas

KAV-1 is a circular anaesthetic circuit that is reusable and can be sterilized in autoclave. It is composed of unidirectional inspiration and

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CO2 Module

fI am looking to purchase a CO2 module model 91517. Any recommendations on where this can be purchased other than directly from Spacelabs and how...

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