Teleflex Medical Arrow AutoCAT 2 WAVE® IABP

The Arrow AutoCAT 2 WAVE® IABP System. a revolutionary technology available to provide counterpulsation support to the most unstable IABP patients.

Abiomed AB5000

The AB5000 Console is a software driven system that can operate one or two disposable blood pumps.

Abiomed BVS 5000

The BVS 5000 is the most widely used mechanical cardiac assist device for patients with a potentially recoverable heart.

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Questions for Circulatory Assist Unit

require autocat 2 wave IABP service manual

Hi guys! I need service manual of teleflex autocat 2 wave service manual. if someone have kindly provide it to me.

what fluid can we use instead of blood

for checking the regular operation of the machine what can we use instead of blood


How hard is the PM and are there alternatives?? Thank you

Need someone to do Haemonetics cellsaver 5 PM

Anybody in the Central Flroida area interested in taking on 4 cell savers for PM?

Self Test

This device fails the self-test at around 30%. The error code is 18 “centrifuge stall”. I hit “yes” to restart the self-test and it fails one or two...

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