Market Analysis: CT Scanner The overall diagnostic imaging market, of which computed tomography (CT) is one part, was valued globally at $15.8 billion in 2008 and is predicted to grow to $24.6 billion by 2015, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7 percent. Read More...

Toshiba Aquilion Super 4
Toshiba Aquilion Super 4

Boldly setting the standard for everyday, 1/2-second high-speed scanning, Aquilion Super 4 improves temporal and spatial image resolution with longer, faster helical scanning for thinner slice, 3D volume imaging.
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GE LightSpeed RT Series
GE LightSpeed RT Series

The GE Lightspeed RT 16 CT scanner is a wide-bore system that is easy to operate and features predefined protocols that allow your to perform a wide variety of applications fast and efficiently while delivering exceptional comfort to your patients.

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Toshiba Alexion

TOSHIBA Scanner Alexion TSX-032A

Toshiba Infinix-i 4D CT

Also found In: , Cath/Angio

Better patient care in one Interventional Lab/CT solution.

Carestream OnSight

Exploring the potential for OnSite 3D Extremity Exams

Siemens SOMATOM Drive

Regardless of who walks through the door, your medical imaging institution is constantly pressured to provide state-of-the-art CT imaging – every

GE Healthcare Revolution EVO

Designed with the purpose of operating in the reality of now, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

Hitachi Medical Systems ECLOS

ECLOS is a very reliable and patient friendly 16 slice CT system.

Shimadzu SCT-3000T

SCT-3000T is a conventional CT scanner system from SHIMADZU CORPORATION, JAPAN. It is a third generation CT system based on rotate/rotate type tube /

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Service Manual Required

Does anyone can help me a service manual of Hologic Selenia ? Thanks so much !


  Does anyone know where I can find CB-DOCs for Emotion 16 (2007)

somaton definition AS+

Need quote in service support.

Toshiba Alexion Service Manual

We need service documentation for a Toshiba CT scaner Alexion TSX-032A system, please. Thanks.

slice count

how could I know the slice count and other information helpping me to know the condinoin of a used machine.

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