A dec Warm Water Syringe

Challenge: Having a durable, low-maintenance and ergonomically comfortable syringe with adjustable water temperature settings would not only benefit

W&H Group Technical Handpiece 945

The technical handpiece 945 is ideal for the perfect individual adaptation of dental prostheses, braces and light technical work on dental materials

Palisades Dental Impact Air 45

The IMPACT AIR 45®'s unique 45° angled head allows maximum access and visibility. It is available with or without fiberoptics.

KaVo Master Series Intra Lux CL3-09

Contra-angle handpiece INTRA LUX CL3-09 (with light) Total transmission 27:1

KaVo Expert Series INTRA C3-09

Surgical-Instrument without light - Contra-angle handpiece INTRA C3-09 (without light) Total transmission 27:1

KaVo Expert Series power house

The KaVo power house. Pure power at low speeds Total transmission 120:1

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Handpiece error code 66


Broken bur

I have a lab bur that broke off in my handpiece, I am unable to get the wrench to romove the center of the handpiece where the bur is stuck,I have a...

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