Stockert Shiley SIII

The Stockert Shiley SIII has three single heads & one double head as well as a modular perfusion system.

Stockert CAPS

Complete 4 Pump Open Heart System

Sorin Group Stocket SIII

The SIII: the advanced and flexible perfusion system The SIII: is Sorin Group's third-generation perfusion system.

Terumo Sarns 7400

Complete Open Heart System with Pulsatile

Terumo Sarns 9000

The Sarns 9000 is a computerized heart lung machine that is available in a variety of configurations.

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Questions for Heart-Lung Bypass Unit

Screen calibration

Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to calibrate the touch screen on the Terumo System 1?  My unit makes it impossible to touch the icons...

Repair & Overhaul

Need PM and calibration procedure of Stockert Shilley Heart Lung Machine, please help

hl20 fuse6 error

in my hl20 hlm control panel showing fus6 error please suggest corrective action. thnaks

SARNS 9000

I havea SARNS 9000 heart lung machine and a broken screen monitor Where cand I send it to get it fixed or where to buy a refurbished one?


Hi, Looking for Operating and Service manuals urgently.   Regards

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