Two of the biggest trends right now in the infusion therapy equipment market are enhancing electronic medical records (EMR) connectivity and improving Dose Error Reduction Software (DERS) functionality and compliance. Both are critical to guiding safe infusion therapy and must be intuitive. If a system is easy to use, compliance increases. With bi-directional wireless connectivity and advanced DERS safety features built in, fully integrated systems will enable hospitals to share real-time electronic information with nurses and clinicians to enhance patient safety at the point-of-care. Read More...
B. Braun Outlook 100ES
B. Braun Outlook 100ES

Designed to help prevent IV medication administration errors, the Outlook 100ES Safety Infusion System features a large color display and extensive customizable drug library that allows you to configure the pump to match your clinical practice.
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CareFusion Alaris 8015
CareFusion Alaris 8015

Refurbished Carefusion Alaris Medley Module PCU 8015 Point-of-Care Unit is the core of the Alaris System, which provides a common user interface for programming the infusion and monitoring modules, helping to reduce complexity at the point of care.
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Baxter SIGMA Spectrum
Baxter SIGMA Spectrum

The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System was designed with features to help reduce errors when programming an IV infusion. For example, the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System automatically defaults to using the drug safety library at the initial start of the system.
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Hospira PCA3
Hospira PCA3

The PCA3 Infusion System is a microprocessor controlled, pole mounted, standalone, electromechanical infusion pump that allows patient to self administer analgesic using a patient pendant, within physician prescribed, programmed parameters.
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Hospira Gemstar
Hospira Gemstar

The GemStar line of products offers three models for I.V., arterial or epidural infusion for I.V. fluid, medications nutritional fluids and blood/blood products.
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Smiths Medical CADD PRIZM VIP 600

The CADD-­Prizm® ambulatory infusion pump provides measured medication therapy to patients in hospital or outpatient settings. The CADD­-Prizm® pump

Baxter PCA II Pump

Baxter has ended service on this product. Please see one of the available 3rd party companies for service and/or sales.

Baxter Microfuse Dual Rate

Baxter Microfuse Dual Rate Infuser Infusion Pump

CareFusion Alaris IVAC 7200

Alaris IVAC 7200 Gold Series Dual Channel Infusion Pump

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"checking line" error

When I begin a basic infusion, the pump has "checking line" on screen. After two attempts of reinserting the line, it completes the infusion. Is...

"Warning Replace Battery"

The pump is giving a "warning replace battery" flashing message. I replaced battery with new battery. The unit will not allow me to get into the...

Carefusion PCA/Syringe firmware

I was wondering if anyone knew about flashing the carefusion 8110/8120. Since the boards are pretty much the same is there a way to flash an 8120...

Technician code

Looking for a service manual or at least the tech code for this model pump.

syringes are different sizes

DO NOT USE MEDLINE SYRINGES with your syringe pumps. the 60ml medline has different physical dimensions than a BD 60ml. I've tested this with a...

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