Spacelabs Ultraview SL 91518
Spacelabs Ultraview SL 91518

The 91518 Multigas Analyzer monitors gas concentrations and alerts clinical personnel when the concentration of anesthetic agents, oxygen, carbon dioxide, or nitrous oxide falls outside of defined limits.
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Philips M1019A

Philips M1019A GE Anesthetic Gas Module

Nihon Kohden GF-210RA

Innovative Anesthesia Monitoring Solutions

Nihon Kohden AG-920RA

The AG-920RA Anesthesia Gas Monitor connects to any of our Procyon Series Monitors to provide a complete monitoring solution.

Datex Ohmeda Capnomac Ultima

The complete picture of patient respiration and ventilation.

Datex Ohmeda 5200

Also found In: , Vital Signs/Multi-Parameter

The Ohmeda 5200C monitor measures inspired and endtidal CO2

Philips Gas Module

Monitoring real-time respiratory and anesthetic gases

Datascope Gas Module II

The Gas Module II adds state-of-the-art gas monitoring and analysis capabilities to the Datascope Passport 2, vital signs monitors.

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no probleem

Do you have any of this on stock



where to get them serviced and calibrated?

Hi, I have an older Datex Capnomac Ultima, and can't find the user manual or where to get them serviced/calibrated.  We are in Berkeley...

Incorrect Statement?

The statement above "This product is not sold in the U.S by the manufacturer" is either not true or we were sold a restricted device. We have...

manual needed

I need the manual for the Datex 5250RGM.  Can you please tell me where I can find this?

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