Demand for lower-end patient mobility equipment will continue to increase in the next two years due to reductions in Medicare reimbursement for the products, according to health care market researcher Frost & Sullivan. The patient mobility market includes both equipment purchased by hospitals and equipment purchased by patients for use outside the hospital that is used to safely move, transport and reposition a patient. Read More...

Stryker Advantage 1001
Stryker Advantage 1001

Flexible stretcher design with 26 inch or 29 inch patient surface can be configured to best suit your department's need.
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Midmark 535

   Trendelenburg/Rev Trendelenburg   Back Up/Down (Pneumatic Assist)   Height Up/Down (Foot Pump at Foot End of Stretcher)  

MacMedical 5th Wheel Eye Stretcher

5th Wheel Eye Stretcher

Series Models: PTF2000-Eye, PTF2000-Eye-31

Dräger Globe-Trotter GT5400

The Globe-Trotter GT5400 neonatal transport system

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Problems with the Brake pedals flipping on model 1115-000-030

Has anyone had issues with the Brake pedal flipping over rendering the brakes useless on model 1115-000-030 Marlene Turner

1105 stretcher deck will not lay flat

brake adjustment

How do I adjust the brakes to tighten more? Brakes are too loose and do not stay locked. Stryker model 1007

Midmark 535

I would like to know if you could send or upload the service manual. Thanks!

Head cable replacement

Can I buy a cable without the jam nut and ball on the turnbuckle end from Hill - Rom to replace a broken cable on my GPS Stretcher

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