Slow growth is expected in the operating room lights market; growth in the U.S. market is a result of many facilities019 shift from halogen lights to LED lights. While they cost significantly more than halogen, LED lights offer as much as 40 percent greater light intensity, twice the adjustable spot size, and a wide variety of settings and light adjustments. They emit less heat than halogen lights, keeping the operating room cooler and more comfortable for clinicians. READ MORE...
Draeger Polaris
Draeger Polaris

Polaris medical lighting systems deliver cool, efficient and powerful illumination for almost any situation. Highly efficient, state of the art and designed for compatibility, these lights can be upgraded to our future developments and were engineered to protect your investment. The Polaris is simple to handle and operate, easy to clean, safe and reliable.

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Axia Surgical LED-Technology

Axia Surgical's entire line of Cutting Edge LED Technology (Truly White Light) surgical lights are excellent in design, flexible and performance.

Series Models: LED 500, LED 700

Axia Surgical iCE

Newest LED technology to the Operating Room. Designed for superior shadow control, increased depth of field and light intensity. They have a CRI of

Series Models: iCE 25, iCE 30

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paint chipping

what  can  I  do  about the  pait  chipping  from our  lights? We  have  replacements coming ...

fan is woking but the light no

do you have any electrical board to replace in a medi spot surgery light?

service manual

need PDF copy of steris service manual for SQ240 surgery lights; send to joe@healthprosurgical.comThank you.

Electrical connections

Is there a diagram showing electrical connections for the stand alone power unit, not the wall unit? I have a E 655 but the power runs from a mobile...

wiring diagram

college acquired this surgical light (Chromophare E655) from another campus which didn't have the wiring or installation instructions. Berchtold...

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In today’s blog we are going to take a break down quantitative tests for autotransfusion units. In addition to the quantitative tests, we will share a few preventative maintenance tips for the system as well.


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