Reichert Technologies ML-1

Measure lenses accurately including single vision, bifocal and contact lenses.

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Fellow techs..... Does ANYONE besides the evil manufacturer have a line on parts for this thing? Any help of direction is much appreciated...


Fellow techs.... Does anyone have a line on parts for this thing except from the EVIL manufacturer?Any help is appreciated.Stan G.

Not prime tuning error

Hi, I have an Advanced Medical Optics Sovereign Phaco machine not prime tuning and error 503 prime low vacuum. Who is help me? I need service...

Voltage fluctuations and power cuts effects

Is a non interrupted ups must for the machine What effect does power cut and voltage fluctuations cause on the machine What effect does it...

user manual or service manual

I am looking for the service and or User manual for a SOVEREIGN® Compact Phacoemulsification Systemplease help if you have it can contac me at...

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