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The market for biomedical test equipment is on the rise, fueled by hospitals concerns over device safety and longevity. Test equipment can both ensure the safety of medical equipment and detect malfunctions that could shorten the life of the equipment. Both concerns have put clinical engineering departments at the forefront of hospitals push to keep patients safe and keep equipment running longer, driving growth in the test equipment market. Test equipment that can perform checks quickly and accurately is a biomed's best friend when it comes to saving his facility money and keeping its patients safe. Read More...
Pronk Technologies OX-1 OxSim
Pronk Technologies OX-1 OxSim

Test a whole system, including the sensor, with the OxSim? Optical SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Tester.
Looking to purchase? Contact Pronk Technologies today!

BC Biomedical SA-2500
BC Biomedical SA-2500

The SA-2500 was created to fill the need for a more capable and user friendly safety analyzer with AC DC measurement.
Looking to purchase? Contact BC Biomedical today!

Rigel Medical PatSim200
Rigel Medical PatSim200

Unlike other Patient Simulator models, the PatSim uses a home and recall function to easily move between tests and store your most used sequences, no more clicking and scrolling through 'tree style' hierarchy to perform each test.
Click here for more information on the Rigel PatSim200!

Fluke Biomedical INCU II

Ensure the safety of your smallest patients.

Pronk Technologies Flow Trax

Pronk Technologies has launched the first palm size Infusion Pump Analyzer.

TSI Inc Certifier FA Plus

Certifier® FA Plus Ventilator Test System 4080 is the full-feature system capable of testing virtually all models of ventilators: adult, pediatric,

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ESU analyzer

Looking to buy a used ESU analyzer and used Defib analyzer, can anyone point me in the right direction?Thanks!

need firmware

hallo a have a (old) spotlight and want to upgrade the firmware.There currently 1.01 is installed.can send me anyone a newer one?many thanks and...

Device calibration

I am using a Fluke ProSim8 device in Pune, India. Where can I get this device calibrated from for various parameters?

K t,p does it dose measurements need temperature-presure correction factors?

K t,p  does it dose measurements  need temperature-presure correction factors? (R/F , MAM and CT sensors?). regards

AED reusable pads

Hi everyone! I have a rigel UNI PULSE for desfibrillator tests, and I want to make a test for the AED's mode. I want to know if exist a...

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