Hill-Rom Advanta
Hill-Rom Advanta

Engineered for safety. Designed for comfort. Hill-Roms Advanta bed is engineered to help reduce the likelihood of patient falls and offers the added benefit of an optional four zone pressure reduction surface.
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Intellidrive will not go when pressing the handle

The handles check out ok. The intellidrive system deploys but will not drive. Can someone give me some suggestions on this issue. Thanks

bed foot will not lift

This bed has no lift at the foot when trying to raise total bed height. Knees will raise as will the head.

electronic bed blocked

When on, all led's are lid on, Bed is blocked.

wanted some parts for hill rom affinity 2

we need calf support in assambly 2 pcs and placenta bacin

motor couplings

Hi, I'm repairing a Hill- rom 837 bed. I'm looking for the service manual and parts diagram or list, can anyone help. Thanks

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In today's economy, many hospitals cannot afford new hospital beds and stretchers.


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