Mennen Medical HORIZON XVu

A new generation of Mennen Medical’s Hemodynamic monitoring.

Mennen Medical HORIZON SE

The Horizon SETM is a complete hemodynamic monitoring and analysis system.

SonoSite BioZ

Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring

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Questions for Hemodynamic Monitors

Philips Xper Flex Cardio

does anyone have a service manual for this device? I have a NIBP problem the pump motor never turns on (I tested it with external source and it...

resetting Bioz

I there a way to reset the unit to factory specs and erase patietn files?

Why is the BioZ no longer manufactured?

The BioZ machine I use in the office is very old, and in need of replacement. I contacted Sonosite and was informed they no longer make them. Can you...

Repeated failures...

Team,Has anyone experienced the repeated, consistant failures of this system? We have three of these units in our Cath labs since October last year...

mouse and keyboards locking up

We have several new Xper Information Management Physiomonitoring 5 units running in are holding area. We have been experiencing issues with the mouse...

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