Humphrey Zeiss 599

Humphrey ZEISS 599 Autorefractor Keratometer

Humphrey Zeiss ACUITUS 5015

Humphrey Zeiss 5015 Acuitus Autorefractor Keratometer

Marco Nidek ARk-900

The Marco ARK 900 Automatic Refractor/Keratometer is a unique combination which provides the practitioner objective measurements of refraction, and

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Questions for Autorefractor

URK-700, Auto Ref/Keratometer

Dear All, Please, I need service manual for URK-700, Auto Ref/Keratometer (UNICOS Co.,Ltd, Korea). Thanks. E-mail: sayat1956@gmail...

Model 599 ARK

Anyone have access to any service documentation for a Humphrey Zeiss model 599 Automatic Refractometer/Keratometer?My opthomologist wants me to take...


HelloI need spare parts for ACUITUS 5015 autorefractor.Could you tell me where I can find them second hand or refurbished?Thanks gor your attention...

printer stopped working

how should we proceed?

Monocular readings in the Kerameter ARK 900

Our ARK 900 Refractor / Keratometer does´t change when the right eye has been measured, the left eye reading appears as a continued measurement...

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