EXACTAMIX Automated Compounding System

Biomerieux BacTAlert 3D

The BacT/ALERT® 3D instrument is a state-of-the-art, automated microbial detection system. The BacT/ALERT system offers advantages in every dimension

Seca 763

With the digital measuring and weighing station seca 763, both the height and weight of a patient can be obtained in just one step. After measuring

Medtronic IPC

Integrated Power Console (IPC System)

Stryker Cast Vac

A vital, convenient surgical instrument for efficient cast removal.

Seca BMI Scale 882/883

Seca 882    The Seca Body Mass Index scale measures body weight and BMI! For heavy-duty performance in a package that's light and easy to carry

Series Models: 882, 883

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seca 763 error

Hi, my seca 763 is showing an error Er:5:93 when measuring the weight.. what i should do ?

service manual

Need service manual and parts list.


Does anyone knows if I can a Driver for a DyoCam 850online?

Seca 882/883 BMI Scale Service Manual Needed

I am searching for a service, or calibration manual for a Seca 882/883 BMI scale. Have only been able to find a user manual.

Scale Tronix Model 6006

Does anyone have a manual for the Scale Tronix 6006 patient scale? or know the part number for the read switch?   Thanks,  ...

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