Ecoray Flat Panel Detector

Flat Panel Detector

Series Models: 1210 Wireless, 1414 Wired, 1417 Wireless, 1717 Wired, 1417 Wireless Carbonate

Fujifilm FDR D-EVO P-Series

DR solutions made especially for private practices

Series Models: P35s and P35i, P43s, P24ic

Fujifilm FDR-flex

Turns an analog system into a DR solution

Fujifilm FDR Go

Complete DR portable x-ray system

Fujifilm FDR D-EVO II

FDR D-EVO II DR detectors are easy to use, ultra-lightweight and rugged

Series Models: CsI (C24), CsI (C35), CsI (C43), GOS (G35), GOS (G43)

Fujifilm FDR D-EVO GL

Achieve better patient satisfaction and reduce patient dose with FDR D-EVO GL

Carestream DRX Core

Setting new standards in efficiency and reliability

Carestream DRX Plus

Wireless Detectors that go and grow with you

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Questions for Digital Detectors

Flashpad Sizes

Hello. What are the dimensions of the GE Flashpad- overall length, width and thickness? Are there different sizes are there of the GE Flashpad...

Need refurbishment

I need a vendor who can refurb or exchange 9 year old detectors. Qty. 3.

Canon CXDI-55G refurbishment / repair

We have three 55G detectors used in our Vertex Rad rooms.  Does anyone know of a third party repair source?

how to disconnect cxdi ?

hello i have radpro mobile xray device but i don't have cxdi and i can't order it never so is it any option to off this cxdi from...

Konica aero DR service passwords

Does anyone know the service log in for the aero DR panel?

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