Micromain CMMS Software

MicroMain understands the stringent record-keeping and reporting requirements for healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, and biomedical/clinical

Connectiv Healthcare CMMS

Application suite for Healthcare Technology Management

GE Healthcare AssetPlus

An enterprise-wide computer asset management solution that helps biomedical managers make data-driven decisions.

Four Rivers TMS OnSite

TMS OnSite is the flexible choice for computerized maintenance management needs

Four Rivers TMS OnLine

This application allows technicians to track asset data to pro-actively manage your organization's vital information.

Phoenix Data Systems AIMS

AIMS Core Components provide the necessary tools to help you manage assets, standardize data, and transform your preventive maintenance program.


The only CMMS with tested IHE PCD interoperability during the 2015 IHE Connectathon.

Mainspring ReadyTech

Trust the CMMS that has won more awards in Healthcare than any other provider

MediMizer X3

For large hospitals, hospital systems and large service companies.

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Questions for CMMS Software

ECRI Code List

Does anyone know where a reasonably current ECRI list of codes is located on the web? I am in the process of standardizing our research and medical...

Equipment Tracking Software

I would like to get a poll of what tracking program other biomeds are using at their facility. For some reason this facility is using Maintenance...

Interface with Fluke

Does MediMizer interface with any or all Fluke electrical safety analyzers and fluke simulators?

Best Networkable CMMS Program?

Please provide me the name of your CMMS Program for maintaining your Clinical Engineering Database. Looking for one that does it all from inventory...

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In today’s edition of the MedWrench blog, I would like to offer up a FREE VIP pass to the MD Expo Irvine. For those interested in attending the MD Expo in Irvine, CA on April 9-11, 2017, MedWrench is giving out a FREE Vip Pass to attend.

In today’s edition of the MedWrench blog, I would like to announce our Ben Calibrating contest winner, Alan Miller. It is an honor to recognize Alan for taking the time to share such a creative and fun pic of #BenC.

In today’s edition of the MedWrench blog, I would like to feature Christine Ricoy as our “Guru of the Month”. Christine is a very active member of the MedWrench forums and is a big help to our Laser community.

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