GE Healthcare Datex-Ohmeda M-NMT
GE Healthcare Datex-Ohmeda M-NMT

The GE Healthcare Datex-Ohmeda M-NMT is a monitor that is part of the AS/3 anaesthesia monitor. The module was compared with a force transducer in 30 patients requiring neuromuscular blockade. Need a Module? Check out Pacific Medical's inventory!

Philips M3001A MMS Module

M3001A MMS Module with Options A01-A04 / CO6-C18

Dräger Infinity PiCCO SmartPod

Provides less invasive, beat-to-beat hemodynamic and volumetric monitoring.

Dräger Infinity Trident NMT SmartPod

Also found In: Telemetry-Central Station ,

Supports evidence-based judgments about the patient’s state of neuromuscular blockade.

Dräger Infinity Masimo SET SpO2 SmartPod

Brings the advantages of Masimo’s gold standard pulse oximetry to Dräger monitors.

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CAN the module be programmed only for NEO nibp I have these modules from NICU and want to use in adult mode but I cant figure out how to enable "...


Does anyone know where I can buy the DAS Asembly

Service Manuals

Can any one please help with service manuals of the following Philips Monitor Modules.M1002BM1006BM1006AM3001AM1008BM1020AM1020BM1029A

M3015A on MP20 cannot see awRR

Hello,First time with the Philips monitor and we bought the MP20 with MMS and M3015a module for EtCO2. Everything is working fine except the awRR, it...

Part Manual

Need to order a few cables but can not locate a part manual.

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