Market Analysis: Patient Monitoring The U.S. patient monitoring market is expected to reach $18.3 billion by 2014, driven by increasing health care costs and the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of new patient monitoring technologies, according to health care market researcher Kalorama Information. Technology will drive the increased sales as wireless or remote monitors replace older equipment. Read More...

Dräger Infinity Trident NMT SmartPod

Found In: Telemetry-Central Station , Modules

Supports evidence-based judgments about the patient’s state of neuromuscular blockade.

Dräger Infinity Masimo SET SpO2 SmartPod

Found In: Modules

Brings the advantages of Masimo’s gold standard pulse oximetry to Dräger monitors.

Dräger Infinity tpO2/tpCO2 SmartPod

Found In: Modules

Helps enhancing performance of Infinity monitors for neonates

Dräger Infinity CNAP SmartPod

Found In: Modules

Measures Continuous Noninvasive Arterial Pressure (CNAP)

Dräger Infinity R50 Recorder

Found In: Modules

Print a wide range of patient data and generate custom reports.

Dräger Infinity Nellcor OxiMax SmartPod

Found In: Modules

Incorporates Nellcor’s latest OxiMax pulse oximetry technology into your Infinity monitors.

Dräger Infinity HemoMed Pod

Found In: Modules

Measures hemodynamic data ergonomically at the bedside.

Dräger Scio Four Family

Found In: Modules

O2, CO2, N2O and volatile anaesthetic agents at a glance: Scio Four Family can be used with an Infinity monitor anywhere you need it.

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in my FM20 ctg , when i connect the DFHR it showing msg that " DFHR is not supported" . i want to know if i can program the DFHR on my ctg...

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A finger pulse oximeter is a small, hand-held medical device used to measure both the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood as well a patient's heart rate.

Blood pressure monitors (Invasive) are most commonly used in special care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, cardiac catheterization laboratories; often included as a component of physiological monitoring systems.

Like any other piece of medical equipment, a pulse oximeter requires routine maintenance and tests to ensure that the machine is functioning properly. Here are 4 main tips for preventative maintenance.


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