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Amerex Instruments HVE-50

Found In: Sterilizers/Autoclaves

Self-contained, portable, top-loading autoclaves with auto exhaust and warming cycle.

Amerex Instruments HRH-110

Found In: Sterilizers/Autoclaves

Autoclave with pre-vacuum cycle and drying by heat and vacuum

Amerex Instruments HA-300MD

Found In: Sterilizers/Autoclaves

Self-contained, portable top-loading autoclave with heating drying cycle

Amerex Instruments HV-Series

Found In: Sterilizers/Autoclaves

Portable, top loading autoclaves with advanced and user-friendly features

Amerex Instruments HVA-Series

Found In: Sterilizers/Autoclaves

Portable top-loading autoclaves with cooling fan and user-friendly features.

Amerex Instruments HG Series

Found In: Sterilizers/Autoclaves

Hirayama HG-Series Autoclaves with an Innovative Feature...Just Press a Button to Automatically Open the Lid, or Close and Lock It.

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Amerex Instruments

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