Hill-Rom Advance Series


Advance Series

The Hill-Rom Advance Series hospital beds are the number 1# preferred bed by Doctors for Home Health Patients and are also perfect for hospitals, surgery centers and teaching facilities!
Advance Series
Bed Type Electric
Patient Weight Capacity 500 lbs
Height 43 in High, Low 29
Length 93.5 in Fully extended
Width 41.5 in with siderails up


  • Three motors    
  • High-low travel time: 21 seconds    
  • Sleep surface: 36” (w) x 82” (l)    
  • Overall dimensions (w/out bumpers): 36” (w) x 91” (l)    
  • Bed frame clearance with 5” casters: 7.5”    
  • Low position: 17”    
  • High position: 30”    
  • Central pedals for braking and steering    
  • Automatic night light    
  • Instant CPR release    




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Hill-Rom is one of the leading medical suppliers of beds and stretchers and is committed to delivering the best services, products, and solutions to our...

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