Stryker Epic II


Epic II

The Stryker Epic II critical care bed is expressly designed for complex ICU situations. Enhanced care and efficient operation are the hallmarks of Epic II. With advantages such as an integrated scale, multi-zone Chaperone bed exit monitoring system and the ability to accommodate various support surfaces, Epic II can address the most rigorous critical care therapies. Epic II intuitively and efficiently facilitates patient care while complementing caregiver expertise.
Epic II
Bed Type Electric
Patient Weight Capacity 500 lbs
Height 32.5 in High, Low 18"
Length 91 in to 93"
Width 42.5 in with siderails up


  • BackSmart Design
  • Open Architecture
  • Optional iBed Awareness
  • Chaperone Bed Exit System
  • Optional Zoom Drive
  • Siderail and Footboard Positioning Controls
  • Radiolucent Platform
  • Integrated Scale
  • Backrest Position
  • Dual Pedestal Design


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