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MEL 80

The MEL 80 is a top quality Carl Zeiss Meditec product, designed to make the correction of vision defects even safer, more patient-friendly and individual. All the parameters of this ultramodern work platform are oriented towards increasing efficiency, achieving optimum treatment results and the rapid recovery of vision. Key factors here are the extremely fast ablation, customized treatment planning with the optional CRS-Master, the high-performance eyetracker system and the "Eye Registration" torsion compensation system.
MEL 80
Wavelength 193 nm
Laser Type Excimer ArF
Height 58.7 in
Length 61 in
Weight 260 kg
Width 31.5 in
Additional Specifications Frequency 10 / 250 Hz depending on treatment mode    
Aiming beam diode 650 nm (laser class 1)    
System data    
Floor area including patient bed (L x W x H) 314 x 180 x 149 cm (123.6 x 70.9 x 58.7 inches)    
Cooling Air, noise-reduced    
Mains connection 100 V AC; 50 / 60 Hz; 17.5 A    
120 V AC; 50 / 60 Hz; 14.6 A    
208 / 220 / 230 / 240 V AC ; 50 / 60 Hz; 7.9 A


  • The exceptionally fast MEL 80's short ablation time reduces procedure time for greater patient comfort    
  • Shortened stroma exposure time means faster visual recovery    
  • Very small 0.7 mm spot permits the finest corrections without losing the benefits of smooth ablation    
  • Two specially optimized ablation profiles to choose from help you produce excellent results    
  • An active eyetracker with excellent feedback times and an ultrarapid IR camera catching both pupil and limbus provides exact positioning during the laser treatment    




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