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The Optium Xceed Diabetes Monitoring System is an important blood monitoring tool that can help you better manage your diabetes. Using the system can help you understand your diabetes and what happens with food, exercise, stress and illness, and diabetes medications.
  • indicated for home or professional use in the management of patients with diabetes
  • For self testing or by healthcare professional use outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use)
  • For monitoring glucose in fresh whole blood (for example, from the fingertip)
  • For use only with MediSense Optium Blood Glucose Electrodes
Optium Xceed
Additional Specifications Size
Length: 7.47 cm
Top: 5.33 cm
Bottom: 4.32 cm
Thickness: 1.63 cm
Weight: 42 grams
Power Source: One CR 2032 Lithium (coin cell) battery
Battery Life: Approximately 1,000 tests
Memory: Up to 450 events including control results, personal blood glucose and blood ß-Ketone results, and other monitor information.
Storage Temperature
Monitor: –25º to 55ºC
Electrodes: See electrode instructions for use.
[b]Control Solution: See control solution instructions for use.
Blood Glucose Assay Range:[/b] See blood glucose electrode instructions for use.
Blood ß-Ketone Assay Range: See blood ß-Ketone electrode instructions for use.
Control Solution Range: See blood glucose or blood ß-Ketone electrode instructions for use.
Data port: Yes
Monitor Operating Range
Temperature: 10º to 50ºC
Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing
System Operating Range
Temperature: The system operating range is the operating range of the electrode you are using. See “Limitations of Procedure” section in electrode instructions for use.
Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing


  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Large, clear display with backlight
  • Test on areas other than your fingertip
  • Small blood sample
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Memory holds 450 test results, displayed averages 7, 14, 30 days
  • Very fast test time (5 seconds)
  • Upload results to your PC with Precision Link Direct, sold separately
  • Lifetime Warranty with free once a year battery replacement
  • Uses Optium Blood Glucose Electrodes
  • Blood ß-Ketone monitoring
  • Control solution marking and testing
  • Backlight: If ON – Stays ON during countdown; turns OFF 30 seconds after result is displayed. If OFF – Stays OFF during countdown; stays OFF during data upload.
  • Beeper: If ON – Beeps when calibrator is fully inserted and when countdown starts and finishes.




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My meter is giving error reading,when I insert the test strip.

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what is the the normal permissible reading of glucose for fasting and PP according to this meter, what is the reading which requires immediate doctors attention. Any conversion table to fit into standard used in India? 


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