Toshiba Xario XG


Xario XG

The Xario XG ultrasound system delivers an abundance of features that promote operator comfort and ease of movement while streamlining workflow. The system features unique, clinically proven technologies for unsurpassed image quality. A full range of imaging functions lets operators precisely visualize minute cardiac and vascular structures for fast, accurate diagnosis.
Xario XG
Cart Based Yes
Clinical Applications Cardiology Breast, Cardiac, Musculoskeletal, OB/GYN, Rectal, Small parts, Urology, Vascular, General imaging
Color-flow Mapping Yes
Doppler Modes Color, Continuous wave (CW), Pulsed wave (PW), Tissue Doppler imaging(TDI)
Height 21.3 in
Image Display 19 in Color Flat Panel
Imaging Capabilities 3D/4D
Length 56.2 in
Weight 315 lbs
Width 35.4 in


Inspiration comes standard  
Xario XG offers uncompromised imaging performance, backed by an abundance of unique, clinically proven technologies. Its full range of advanced imaging functions lets you visualize minute tissue details with precision for a faster, more accurate diagnosis.  
Built more intelligently to make your work easier
With Xario XG, comfort and efficiency translate into higher productivity. The system gives you abundant features that improve operator comfort and efficiency of movement while helping you streamline your workflow.  
Productivity unlimited
Xario XG’s integrated data management system makes it easy for operators to review, archive and share exams. With a wide range of networking and storage functions, Xario XG integrates seamlessly into all clinical environments, improving workflow and enhancing ease of use.


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how to change the date of Toshiba Xario XG

hello  i've 2 problems with myToshiba Xario XG : *I can't set the date of my toshiba xario XG in 2017 year , it is on 2002 *since 2 weeks , when I switch on my Toshiba Xario XG , after 2 or 3  secondes it stop , than...

reloading backup on Toshiba Xario SSA-660A

Hello, does anyone know how to reload the backup on Toshiba Xario SSA-660A. I have the sytem bakup on a CD Rom. Thanks for all in advance

Application start-up

Hi,I have a Xario XG that fails to load/initiate the application post power up and returns with an error message "Start up is halted. Shutdown is recommended". Is there a solution for this? Any help would be great! Thanks,Noor

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