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COBE Spectra

As the most widely used therapeutic apheresis system in the world, the COBE Spectra Apheresis System gives your facility the flexibility to deliver cell therapy and therapeutic apheresis — all on one platform.
The COBE Spectra Apheresis System is versatile, giving you procedural control to manage the specific needs of each patient. Plus, it handles all patients, from small children to adults, letting you provide therapeutic apheresis and cell collection procedures to any patient.
Customized procedures work together with automated functions to save time and resources. The process control in the system monitors pump rates, fluid balances, volumes, and AC management for enhanced safety. Sophisticated algorithms let you customize specific procedural elements based on individual patient's total blood volume, hematocrit, and platelet precount — all with minimal operator intervention. You focus on your patients — instead of the technology
COBE Spectra
Additional Specifications
  • Weight: 177kg (389 lb)
  • Physical dimensions Height: 148.6 cm (58.5 inches)
  • 178 cm (70 inches) (with IV pole)
  • Height with mobility enhancements:
  • (wheel/caster kit only) 151.1 cm (59.5 inches)
  • (wheels/casters and swing arm kits) 137.8 cm (54.25 inches)
  • (swing arm kit only)135.3 cm (53.25 inches)
  • (with IV pole)180.3 cm (71 inches)
  • Width: 70 cm (27.6 inches)
  • Width with mobility enhancements: 73 cm (29.0 inches)
  • Depth: 71 cm (27.9 inches)
  • Depth with mobility enhancements: 68 cm (26.7 inches)
  • Floor space required 4,970 cm2 (770 square inches) maximum
  • Floor space with mobility enhancements required 5,005 cm2 (776 square inches) maximum
  • Case material and finish Painted steel, aluminum, and plastic
  • Features

  • TPE: Therapeutic plasma exchange
  • RBCX: Red blood cell exchange and depletions
  • Depletions: Platelet and white blood cell depletions
  • Lymphoplasma exchange
  • Pediatric applications
  • Secondary processing with column technology
  • Stem cell, mononuclear cell (MNC) and granulocyte collections*
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    Hello, I 50mmhg pressure marks the return sensor when zero. Is it necessary to calibrate or damaged?  Thanks JOSE Mª PRIETO

    Availability of the machine

    Hi dear Can u please tell the availability of COBE Spectra machine and the spares

    RBC Xchange

    air in return line after blood warmer

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