Beckman Coulter Ac·T 5diff CP


Ac·T 5diff CP

Ac·T 5diff CP allows quick and direct access to a closed sample tube—a feature that reduces manual sample handling, saves time and enhances safety by eliminating operators’ exposure to biohazards.
Ac·T 5diff CP
Additional Specifications Methods and Technologies  
Sequential dilution system  
Dual focused flow fluid dynamics  
Coulter Principle (impedance): counting and sizing  
Duplicate counting  
Coincidence correction  
Pulse editing  
Rinse flow system  
Spectrophotometry for hemoglobin  
Beckman Coulter AC•T 5diff reagent system  
5-Part Differential Analysis  
Absorbance Cytochemistry with Volume (ACV)  
AC•T 5diff Fix and WBC Lyse system  
26 Available Parameters  
NE# Hgb MPV  
NE% Hct Pct*  
* For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic  
procedures. Optional parameters available outside US.  
Sample Analysis Characteristics  
53 µL whole blood, CBC/DIFF Mode  
30 µL whole blood, CBC only Mode  
Universal closed tube sampling system  
Positive ID  
Optional bar code reader  
Code 39  
Code 128  
Interleaved 2-of-5  
EAN 8  
EAN 13  
Data Management  
Auto-sequence run number available  
20 patient ranges with 5 programmable ranges  
for gender and age flagging  
20 result action ranges with interpretive messages  
5 reporting unit format options  
3 report formats with customization  
RS232C host transmission  
10,000 patient result storage  
On board quality control (24 control files)  
Worklist capability for addition of patient demographics  
On board help files  
Quality Control  
AC•T 5diff Control Plus (tri-level) reagent  
AC•T 5diff Cal (calibrator) reagent  
Automatic Calibration  
Operating Temperature  
16 to 34°C (60 to 93°F)  
Dimensions and Weight  
Height: 23 in (58 cm)  
Width: 17.5 in (44.4 cm)  
Depth: 19.8 in (50.1 cm)  
Weight: 80 lb (36.2 kg)  
Up to 60 samples/hou


  • Closed tube sampling eliminates operators' exposure to biohazards   
  • Two sample tube holders accommodate tubes of varying sizes, such as pediatric tubes, for increased flexibility   
  • 60 sample-per-hour throughput for streamlined workflow   
  • Comprehensive on-board Help database that uses key word searches to help solve problems quickly and easily   
  • Specially formulated reagents, controls and calibrators ensure accuracy   
  • One-step setup, operation and shutdown speeds workflow   
  • Zero daily maintenance saves time and labor
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