Beckman Coulter LH 500


LH 500

The COULTER® LH 500 Hematology Analyzer helps increase productivity, enhances linearity, improves diff flagging and reduces false positive flagging—all in a compact design that fits your needs and your limited lab space. Plus, it offers advanced VCS technology, providing the greatest sensitivity, specificity and efficiency in white cell differential analysis.
LH 500
Height 23 in
Length 25 in
Weight 210 lbs
Width 25 in
Additional Specifications Method and Technologies        
CBC Analysis & Hgb        
• Coulter Principle: counting and sizing        
• Triplicate counting        
• Coincidence correction        
• Pulse editing        
• Sweep flow        
• Extended platelet counting        
• Hemoglobin method equal in accuracy to reference        
• LH Series Diluent and        
COULTER LYSE S III diff reagent system        
5-Part Differential Analysis        
• VCS Technology        
• LH Series reagent system        
Retic Analysis        
• VCS™ Technology        
• COULTER ReticPrep™ reagent system        
(New Methylene Blue)        
26 Parameters        
NE# HGB MPV RETIC %        
NE% HCT PCT* IRF        
LY# MCV PDW* MRV        
LY% MCH        
MO MCHC        
MO% RDW        
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.        
Sample Size        
• 185 µL whole blood, closed vial sampling        
• 125 µL whole blood, open vial sampling        
• 50 µL whole blood, predilute mode        
Barcode Symbology        
Positive Barcode ID        
• Codabar        
• NW 7        
• Code 39        
• Code 128        
• Interleaved 2-of-5        
LH 500 Workstation/Data Management        
• Windows 2000 operating system        
• Database capacity: 20,000 sets of        
results, graphics and listmode files        
• User-defined flagging        
• Archive and transmit patient and        
QC to host computer        
• Decision rules criteria        
Please Refer to the brochure for more complete specifications.


  • Reduce repeat testing and save time with expanded linearity for WBC and Platelet counts         
  • Improved flagging reduces review rate         
  • Standardize lab processes across all shifts with user-defined decision rules         
  • Save time with continuous automated sample loading for complete walkaway operation         
  • Simplify supply ordering with reagents interchangeable between all LH series models         
  • Eliminate additional technologist training with a common user interface         
  • Common LH series core technologies provide closest correlation of results between instruments         
  • LH series data management capabilities include full decision support         
  • Easy-to-use Windows*-based software         
  • Save valuable lab space with a compact design that complements existing instruments         
  • Run STAT samples with minimal interruption of routine workflow
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