Diatron Abacus 3


Abacus 3

Abacus 3 is a heavy duty compact hematology analyzer offering an optimal solution for hospitals, clinics and practices, which require higy quality and fast CBC results.The built-in roller printer, the automatical cleaning and the multilingual operating menu makes it really easy to use.
Abacus 3
Additional Specifications Sample volume: 25 µl of whole blood
Measured parameters: 18 parameters, including 3-part WBC differential: WBC, LYM, MID, GRA, LYM%, MID%, GRA%, RBC, HCT, MCV, RDW, HGB, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW
Reagents: Isotonic Diluent, Lyse, Cleaner
Throughput: 60 test/hour
Sampling method: Open tube sampler
Built-in printer: “Easy Paper Operation” thermal printer, 56 mm wide roll paper (optional)
User interface:Easy-to-use, menu driven user interface with 6 software buttons (with icons), 6 hardware function buttons, cursor and numeric keys on a color LCD
Dimensions (WxDxH):350 × 490 × 385 mm
Net weight:15 kg


  • Color LCD, the large display allows rapid and accurate patient data entry and monitoring of the results with large histograms
  • Sample rotor, ensuring safe and easy sampling
  • The instrument features a sophisticated but easy-to-use, logically constructed multilingual operating menu. It provides 6-level QC, L-J graphs and self-diagnostic functions to let you monitor reliability and accuracy
  • All Abacus models can be interfaced with your host computer for further processing of the measured data. Results can also be retrieved on the built-in roll paper printer
  • Abacus 3 provides 18-parameters, a complete CBC including a 3 part WBC differential
  • High throughput of 60 samples per hour, results within 60 seconds
  • The fluidic system is automatically cleaned from dust particles when turning on the analyzer.
  • High voltage pulses after each measuring cycle keep the apertures free from clogging.
    The instrument automatically cleans the sampling tip inside and outside after blood aspiration to minimize the risk of carryover and infection.
  • Abacus 3 is almost maintenance free resulting in minimal disruption of operation
  • Clinical environment by utilizing industry standard electronic and mechanic components


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Diatron was founded in 1989 as a privately-owned company specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality compact hematology analyzers...

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DIATRON ABACUS 3 service manual

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service manual

i need operation and service manual, help please

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