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Using the MCI adaptor on Swelab Alfa its less than 60 seconds between sampling the patient to ready results. Whether you are a small clinic or a hospital laboratory Swelab Alfa will correspond to all your needs and fulfill your requirements regarding safety and rapidity in your work.   
The Alfa system is based on a new improved technical design with modern and sophisticated software, resembling standard operating systems such as Windows. It defines a new class of small counters offering direct Micro-Capillary Inlet, Barcode-controlled Quality Management and User Maintenance-free operation.   
The four different Swelab Alfa models are named; Basic, Standard, Cap Piercer and Auto Sampler. Every model is state of the art and holds the very latest cell counter and automation technology.
Additional Specifications Swelab Alfa Basic   
Swelab Alfa Basic gives you a big cell counter for the price of a small one. Featuring many of the attributes of the larger Alfa models, it too comes with the same state of the art measuring system, high speed and user-friendly touch-screen interface.  
Screen: B/W  
Parameters: 10 or 16  
Automatic cleaning: Yes  
QC program: No  
Cap-piercer: No  
Micro-cap inlet: No  
Built-in mixer: No  
Printer: Yes (optional)  
External barcode reader: Yes   
Swelab Alfa Standard   
Swelab Alfa Standard is the analyzer formainstream laboratories that prioritizes quality results from a quality hematology system. The smart BCD interface starts and administers control samples in seconds. Alfa Standard also comes with a built-in mixer. Thanks to the unique MCI dapter, a full blood screen can be made from a single drop of blood.   
Screen: Color   
Parameters: 16 or 20   
Automatic cleaning: Yes   
QC program: Yes   
Cap-piercer: No   
Micro-cap inlet: Yes   
Built-in mixer: Yes   
Printer: Yes (optional)   
External barcode reader: Yes   
Swelab Alfa Cap Piercer   
Swelab Alfa Cap Piercer has features similar to the standard model, but the built-in mixer is replaced by an automatic cap-piercing device. This addition seals the system and helps protect the operator from exposure to biohazards. If needed, an automatic barcode reader for scanning tube codes can be built in as well.   
Screen: Color   
Parameters: 16 or 20   
Automatic cleaning: Yes   
QC program: Yes   
Cap-piercer: Yes   
Micro-cap inlet: Yes   
Built-in mixer: No   
Printer: Yes (optional)   
External barcode reader: Yes  
Swelab Alfa AutoSampler   
Sampler Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler is a complete, walk-away automatic analyzer. Simply load 20 tubes onto one of the two sampler wheels, and the system processes them automatically. The Auto Sampler can also be equipped with a built-in barcode reader that scans all tube codes simultaneously.   
Screen: Color   
Parameters: 16 or 20   
Automatic cleaning: Yes   
QC program: Yes   
Cap-piercer: Yes Micro-cap inlet: Yes   
Built-in mixer: Yes   
Printer: Yes (optional)   
External barcode reader: Yes


Multiple inlets  
• MCI -20ul micro capillaries started directly   
in the system.   
• Pre-dilutes -Separate inlet with built in   
dispenser function.   
• Open tubes -With automatic cleaning of probe.   
• Closed tubes -Available on Cap Pierce and  
Auto Sampler models.   
Multi-view function   
• Display results as preferred.   
• Classic view with histograms.   
• Reference scales for quick overview.   
• Sample list for analysed samples.   
Automated QC  
• With the barcode-interfaced administration of   
calibrators and controls handling is simple  
and pool-proof.   
Patient profiling  
• Programmable patient profiles with unique   
analyzer settings. Create reports having   
everything from just a HGB value or a full   
blood status, or use this function to make   
separate analyzing profiles for infants or   
other patient groups with different   


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