Sorvall Evolution RC


Evolution RC

Sorvall Evolution RC Superspeed Refrigerated Floor Model Centrifuge     
Employing leading-edge technology, the Evolution® RC offers unmatched productivity with a six liter capacity, speeds to 26,000 rpm, and simplified sample handling. The bottom line is shorter processing times with more throughput – and of course, maximum reliability.
Evolution RC
Maximum Speed 26000 rpm
Height 1295 in
Length 1055 in
Weight 860 lbs
Width 710 in
Additional Specifications Drive: Direct Brushless, DC Motor with DuraFlex™ gyro suspension     
Accel/decel rates: 3 acceleration, 4 deceleration     
Speed control accuracy: +0.2% or 20 rpm, whichever is greater     
Temperature control °C: +2 to +40     
Temperature accuracy °C: +2     
Ambient temperature range °C: 10 - 38


Fastest, easiest processing in the industry     
With the F8S-6x100Y SUPER-LITE composite rotor, you’ll process 6 liters of sample in a single run. Combining speeds to 26,000 rpm with faster accel/decel times than competitive centrifuges, the Evolution RC reduces overall spin times and optimizes productivity.     
Rotors and Accessories    
Our complete lie of rotors, tubes and bottles will meet all your application needs. With the addition of our newly designed 1L bottle, we offer you the complete system – centrifuge, rotor and bottles all in one. Click here for more information.    
Consistent performance, longer life     
The built-in Constant Power System™ (CPS) provides power factor correction to ensure peak performance even under poor power supply conditions. Input voltage can vary from 187 – 253 V without speed or temperature control degradation.     
The unique DuoTherm™ system provides continuous, alternate heating and cooling to hold temperatures to within 2°C, even in standby. This not only prevents samples from freezing and chamber frost, but also eliminates frequent starting and stopping of the compressor – thereby extending compressor life.    
Easily accessible, hands-free rotor access    
The Evolution RC’s deck is only 850 mm (33 inches) from the ground – the lowest profile on the market – which makes the rotor chamber and control panel easily accessible.    
Enjoy hands-free access to the rotor chamber -- simply nudge the chamber door with the rotor and it automatically slides open. An integrated rotor lid holder provides convenient lid storage, facilitating access to samples.    
  • Speeds to 26,000 rpm (70,450 x g)    
  • Process 6 liters of sample in a single run    
  • Imbalance tolerant DuraFlex™ gyro drive    
  • Vacuum-free operation    
  • RCF control allows set and display of g -force    
  • Choice of operator interface: rotary knobs or soft-touch keypad    
  • Wide choice of rotors   


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