Mindray iPM-9800



Patient Monitor with  
Innovative design  
Compact and light weight  
12.1” color touchscreen with up to 8 traces  
Comfortable handle for easy portability  
Easy operation and navigation through  
touchscreen and rotary knob  
ECG, Resp, SpO , NIBP and 2-ch Temp (standard)  
Up to 4-ch invasive blood pressures  
Sidestream / Microstream / Mainstream CO2  
Multi-Gas modules  
CF memory card offers  
Storing patient data, 96-hour trends,  
1000 NIBP records etc.  
Transferring patient data to another iPM or PC  
Built-in record and WLAN card offers  
3-ch recorder offers convenient documentation  
802.11 b/g wireless connectivity realizes in-hospital transportation
Additional Specifications Tecnical Specs...


12.1"color TFT display (touch screen optional) with maximum 8 waveforms  
Up to 7.5 hours of working time with 2rechargeable li-ion batteries   
Mindray,Masimo,Nellcor SpO2 technology  
4-ch IBP, IBP waveform overlap, PAWP  
Mainstream,Microstream™,Sidestream EtCO2  
Built-in multi-gas/O2 module  
Plug-and-play CF memory card  
View up to 8 bedside monitors within the same LAN   
Maximum 96 hours (@ 1 min resolution) of graphic and tabular trends of all parameters  
Standard Configuration:  
Anti-glare screen, lead acid battery, 3/5-lead ECG,Resp,NIBP,Mindray SpO2,2-ch Temp  
Touchscreen,Lion battery,12-lead ECG, Mortara ECG algorithm,  
Masimo/Nellcor SpO2,IBP,C.O.,CO2,  
Multi-gas,recorder,WLAN card


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Mindray was founded in 1991 in Shenzhen, China, with a mission to deliver high-quality, competitively priced medical devices to make healthcare more accessible...

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Info about IPM-9800

I have seen the brochure of the above model and want to know some details. Does this model has inbuilt IBP monitoring system? if yes, is it require only dsposable IBP set or IBP module also to be buy? Your information is highly appreciated...

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