Medelec/TECA Synergy EMG System T2


Synergy EMG System T2

The Medelec™ Synergy T2 is a compact complete system for your 2 channel NCS, EMG and SEP needs.   
The control panel and Deluxe Stimulator provide patient side and therefore faster testing.   
The 2-channel Medelec™ Synergy T2 is delivered ready to go with NCS, routine EMG, SEP and Microsoft Word™ reporting software.   
Single Fibre and Quantitive EMG software packages are available as options.   
Now available with longer LivePlay™ giving you 360 seconds on 2 channels of EMG.



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Medelec/TECA provides marketing-leading neurophysiological diagnostic instrumentation as well as a full line of supplies and accessories. Medelec/TECA...

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Our machine is locked and we can not access to the program for NCV-ENG test. Also the conduction velocity in the motor nerves is to hight so I think that we need the test configuration.  Also we need to configure the report leyout.  We...

Asit Upadhyay, DO

I think my hard drive on my machine crashed.  Can you help me find a local tech to see if it is repairable? 717-718-9459  

electrical stimulator setup

the  output check box can not be switched from volts to current (deactivated)

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