Siemens CLINITEK Advantus™ Analyzer


CLINITEK Advantus™ Analyzer

Respond to demands for higher productivity and high quality with the newest addition to the Clinitek family, the Clinitek Advantus analyzer. Streamline your workflow with flexible operation. Immediate start-up. Automatic calibration. Network ready. Widest range of test options. Added QC features. Flexible operation to meet your needs.
CLINITEK Advantus™ Analyzer
Additional Specifications General     
Dimensions 12.75 (h) x 15.75 (w) x 13.75 (d) in,    
32 (h) x 39 (w) x 35 (d) cm     
Weight 7.2 kg (16 lbs)     
Power Requirements 100 V to 240 V; 50/60 Hz     
Line Leakage Current <0.5 mA in normal condition    
<3.5 mA in single fault condition     
Maximum Power Input 72 VA     
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 18oC to 30oC (64oF to 86oF)     
Ambient Operating Humidity Range 20% to 80% relative humidity     
Compliance UL, CE, EMC     
Test Handling     
Sample Loading Self-paced, not dictated by analyzer     
STAT Sample Handling One-touch STAT interrupt capability     
Sample Processing Single or batch mode     
Sample ID Entry Manual, bar code, or downloaded from LIS     
Calibration Automatic with every strip     
Onboard Computer     
Memory 500 patient records plus 200 controls     
Interfaces ASTM (CCS) format and emulates Clinitek200 and Clinitek 200+     
Display Color LCD touch screen, 5.7 in (14.5 cm), 320 horizontal    
by 240 vertical pixels (QVGA)     
Computer/Peripheral Interfaces     
Ethernet Connection 10/100 Mbit, bidirectional     
Onboard Printer 24-character thermal printer     
Bar Code Meets ASTM E1466-92 standards, available with PC    
wedge/PS2 connection     
Keyboard External PC keyboard option/PS2 connection     
External Printer Printer interface: parallel port connector (25 pin)


    Enjoy the added capabilities of this urine chemistry analyzer:    
  • New, easy-to-use color touch screen    
  • Ability to consolidate microscopy results onto one patient record    
  • Increased control with automatic QC prompting and QC lockout capability to ensure compliance    
  • Testing flexibility with simple, one-touch switching between different strip configurations    
  • A total of three sieve functions – confirmatory and microscopic to flag abnormal results for quick review    
  • Convenient data retrieval for up to 500 patients by patient id, and 200 control results    


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clinitek advantus always detects blood

every smaple tested in this unit is showing traces of blood found nothing about this error in the service manual any one out there even no where to start dont want to test every circuit on this thing like the manual says too.

quotation for internal thermal printer

please share the quotation for internal thermal printer for Clinitek Advantus Analyzer

log sheet

Where can i find a copy of Maintenance Log sheet? It is not in the Operators Manual,Thanks,jsbt1958

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