GE Healthcare Lunar Prodigy Advance


Lunar Prodigy Advance

The GE Lunar Prodigy bone densitometer features direct-digital technology that eliminates the magnification effects of traditional wide-angle fan beam densitometers. With more than 6,000 systems installed worldwide, Prodigy is one of the most trusted fan beam densitometers available.  
Effective use of serial DXA measurements for monitoring changes in BMD requires the minimization of precision error. The Lunar Prodigy Advance has been demonstrated to have a precision error that easily meets the ISCD standards for all regions.
Lunar Prodigy Advance
Bone Density Imaging Mode DEXA
Scan Protocols AP Spine - Optional, Dual Femur - Optional, Extremeties (e.g. hands, feet) - Optional, Femur - Optional, Forearm - Optional, Lateral Spine - Optional, Lumbar Spine - Optional, Pediatric Hip - Optional, Pediatric Spine Optional, Total body - Optional
Swing Away C-arm Capability No


ScanCheck automatically identifies potential acquisition and analysis errors and provides multimedia help. It also alerts of incorrect positioning, unusual anatomy, high-density areas and artifacts, and makes recommendations for correction.  
PRODIGY: DualFemur  
The DualFemur option automatically scans both femurs in one seamless acquisition without repositioning, and identifies the weakest side to enhance confidence in treatment decisions. The trending function enables seamless follow-up of changes.   
PRODIGY: Total body/body composition  
Body composition scans with DXA provide precise and accurate data on bone and tissue composition, including bone mineral density (BMD), lean and fat tissue mass, and %fat. They provide both total body data and regional results.   
PRODIGY: Dual-energy Vertebral Assessment (DVA)  
DVA aids in the identification and assessment of vertebral deformations. DVA provides rapid single- and dual-energy images of the AP and lateral spine, allowing clinicians to visually assess the presence of vertebral deformations.   
PRODIGY: Composer  
Automated physician reporting comes complete with the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) treatment guidelines and World Health Organization (WHO) diagnostic criteria for a complete osteoporosis assessment. Composer™ is designed to follow diagnostic guidelines proposed by the International Society of Clinical Densitometry (ISCD), determining the lowest T-score based on defined regions. Recommendation text is inserted to aid productivity.


GE Healthcare Lunar Prodigy Advance

GE Healthcare Lunar Prodigy Advance

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