Arcomed SYRAMED SP6000



Advanced syringe pump suitable for medical applications, e.g. in ICU, Pediatric and Neonatology     
SYRAMED SP600 -Includes all functions of the SYRAMED SP6000LITE, plus additional features
Flow Rate Range .1 to 500 ml/h
Infusion Pump Type General-Purpose
Additional Specifications Volume range 0.1 - 999.9 ml     
Battery operation of up to 12 hours     
Adjustable occlusion limit from 0 - 999 mmHg or mbar, with bolus reduction feature


  • Easy to use operation philosophy, simple and safe handling     
  • Automatic syringe detection (size and brand)     
  • Door for protecting the syringe    
  • Manual Bolus function    
  • Severals sophisticated programmable Bolus functions     
  • Internal drug library including dose error reduction functions     
  • LCD Display for additional information     
  • System pump for PDMS application     
  • History event log    




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Arcomed AG was established in 1974 and has more than three decades of experience in the development and manufacture of infusion devices.

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Infusion Pump Syramed

Hi, do you have representatives in Abu Dhabi?  I need to get  Infusion Pump Syramed serviced. thanks Liingi email:

hello urgent

I have a syringe pump syramed usp 6000 but the pcb that is inside it is a uvp7000 but i tried to load the software of 6000 on 7000 board by infrared but when i did like this, all pictograms are emitted and no data appeard on the lcd ?

CLUTCH OPEN Reload the syringe.

Dear,I have usp6000 syramed syringepump . After loading and seeting the rate the syringepump starts to operated and immediately gives the message CLUTCH OPEN reload the syringe. Can you please help me to figureout the problem.

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