Awareness Technology Stat Fax 1904


Stat Fax 1904



  • Bichromatic optics. Six filters standard.   
  • Easy to use with step-by-step prompting and on-board graphics printer.   
  • 12 station 37°C incubation block and temperature controlled read well. Cuvette size is 12mm by 75mm.   
  • Performs both endpoint and kinetic assays.   
  • Large non-volatile memory stores approximately 60 user programs.   
  • With Mosquito flowcell accessory you can read volumes as small as 250 microliters.   
  • CE certified.   
  • Stat Fax readers use IAD filters. 


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Awareness Technology, Inc. began in 1982 with a vision to become the first name in small instrumentation design. Today we are proud to be known worldwide...

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absorbance varying

once it show o.d 0.57 next time it show o.d -0.17

service manual statfax 2000

Service manual

remove cuvette

remove cuveete

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