Biotechnica BT 3000 plus


BT 3000 plus

Automatic analyzer random access for clinical-chemistry and immunoturbidimetry computer controlled. Automatic - upon programmation - pathological results repetition with or without automatic dilution. Automatic - upon programmation - pathological results in the panic range repetition. Urgent tests in actual time (STATs). Sophisticated software for the system control. Software running under Windows 2000 Professional. 40 on line tests mono or double reagent, refrigerated. 78 positions sample tray, programmable for samples, standards, controls and STATs. Analyzer throughput: 330 test/h without ISE module. ISE module: 240 test/h. Two bar code readers for the positive identification of samples and reagents. Easy maintenance. No consumables. Automatic maintenance program. Automatic washing of the reading cuvettes. Automatic - upon programmation - calibration of the I.S.E. module. Relation tests. Real pre-dilution up to 1:500. Log file for data and performed operations. Vocal and on screen error messages. Touch screen monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.
BT 3000 plus
Additional Specifications Operative method: Random access  
Kind: Discrete  
Methods : Clinical-chemistry and immunoturbidimetry  
ISE Module: K, Na, Cl (CO2 upon request)  
Programmation: routine, batch, STAT, profiles  
Test on-line: 80 refrigerated reagents, relation tests  
Programmable tests: 500 single or double reagent+ unlimited relation tests  
Speed: 330 test/h, ISE module 240 test/h  
Test repetition : Automatic upon request  
Calibration and controls: Automatic upon request  



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comminucate with host computer

i have set every config and i am sure port cable is allright when i press send to rs232 nothing happen please help me  

need service manual

hai dear, i realy need service manual & operation manual BT3500 Chemistry analyzer Biotecnica. Please send to my email ;

give me heip.....

Iam working now in qattar..i want bt 2000 mechine service technitian $ reagents any body please heip number 0097433477441.

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