Suzuken Kenz Cardico 1210


Kenz Cardico 1210

The Kenz Cardico 1210 is a sophisticated 12-channel digital Electrocardiograph that is superior in arrhythmia analysis. It comes with more than 130 diagnostic statements to meet doctor's requirements in ECG analysis. The built-in high resolution printer enables excellent quality ECG tracing in various formats. ECG can also be printed on a plain A4 size paper by using an external printer connecting to a PC with the optional software (ECG Data Viewer CVS-01). The internal memory enables storing and managing of 100 ECG data.
Kenz Cardico 1210
EKG/ECG Type Rest


  • Automatic adult and pediatric analysis programs are standard   
  • 100 ECG data can be stored  
  • More than 130 diagnostic statements to meet doctor's requirements in ECG recording  
  • Kenz Cardico 1210 features a serial port, for transmitting ECG data to a PC. Optional CVS-01 software is available for data viewing and filing  
  • Rechargeable battery and AC operation  
  • Easy operation : just one touch of the RUN/STOP key can record standard 12 leads ECG and print analysis reports in 7 languages (English/Spanish/Italian/French/German/Chinese/Russian)  


Suzuken Kenz Cardico 1210

Suzuken Kenz Cardico 1210

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The Kenz is a well-known brand from the manufacturer Suzuken Company Limited. (Japan). Suzuken has constructed an integrated system for the in-house development,...

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the definition of QT interval?

Dear Sir, using Kenz Cardico 1210, I want to know the definition of QT interval. Considering the required standards for precision, the measurement of QT interval is subjective. Because the end of the T wave is not always clearly defined and usually...

Kenz Cardico 1210 error Set Parper.

I need Service manual for Kenz Cardico 1210.Thanks.

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